Catholic Social Teaching: International Development

USCCB on International Development

USCCB on Global Poverty, Foregin Aid, Trade, Human Trafficking, Global Health

CRS & USCCB Catholic Campaign Against Global Poverty

Catholic Campaign on Debt Educational Resources

Statements on International Debt

A Call to Solidarity with Africa, 2001

A Jubilee Call for Debt Forgiveness, 1999

In All Things Charity: A Pastoral Challenge for the New Millennium, 1999

Called to Global Solidarity: International Challenges for U.S. Parishes, 1998

One Family Under God, 1995

The New Moment in Eastern and Central Europe, 1990

Popes & Vatican on International Development

Benedict XVI, "World Peace Day: Fighting Poverty to Build Peace," 2009

Pontifical Council for Justice & Peace, "Chapter 9, Section IV: International Cooperation for Development," Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church (2005)

Card. Tarcisio Bertone,"Address to the participants in the Second World Congress of Ecclesial Organizations Working for Justice and Peace," November 22, 2007

Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, "The Fight against Corruption," September 21, 2006

Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, "Statement of the Mini-Ministerial Meeting of the World Trade Organization (WTO)," June 29-30, 2006

Card. Renato Raffaele Martino, "Intervention at the International Seminar on 'Poverty and Globalization: Financing for Development, including the Millennium Development Goals,'" July 9, 2004

Msgr. Frank J. Dewane, "Intervention at the Fifth Ministerial Conference of WTO," Cancun, September 13, 2003

Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, "Trade, development and the fight against poverty: Some reflections on the occassion of the WTO Millinnium Round," November 18, 1999

Pontifical Council for Justice & Peace, "Towards a better distribution of land," November 23, 1997

Paul VI, Populorum Progressio, March 26, 1967

Other Resources

Notable quotations from Catholic social teaching on the theme of Development

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